Bethany Graham, LPC

Bethany believes Healing is a process, but not one that needs to be done alone. We all encounter challenges, problems, and stress that can impact us and often leave us wounded. Emotionally wounded, that is. Anxiety can feel crushing and crippling. Depression can feel dark and lonely. Relationship problems can feel confusing and hopeless. Keeping up with the demands of life can be challenging with all the burdens that weigh us down or consume our hearts and minds. Thankfully, change is possible! Relief from the pain can feel hopeful when we have been feeling so hopeless, freeing when we have felt so trapped, and confident when we have felt confused and unsure. But the age-old question of "how"...Well, that's where I come in! I'm Bethany, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. With over nine years of experience in counseling, I have encountered struggles, challenges, and problems that people face of all kinds. I utilize evidence-based treatment to help you learn and implement the skills and tools needed to feel better LONGTERM!

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